Ethan Levi

Ethan was raised in Corvallis, Oregon and attended college at the University of Minnesota and law school at Fordham Law School in New York City.  He has worked as a criminal defense attorney since he was a student in law school.  In law school, Ethan actively participated in a criminal defense clinic representing clients in the criminal courts (both state and federal) of Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York.  He also spent the summer of 1998 representing indigent clients in the criminal court of Nome, Alaska.  This court was notable in that, mounted behind the judge's bench was a walrus skull and tusks rather than the state seal normally found behind a judge.  

After graduation from law school, Ethan worked as a public defender for the Metropolitan Public Defender's office in Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon for nearly 12 years.  During that job, Ethan represented clients in cases ranging from the most simple misdemeanors through the most difficult and complicated felonies including assault cases, sex offenses, robberies and murder.  Ethan gained a wide range of experience and local knowledge of the Washington County court system which gives him an edge in fighting Washington County cases.

Ethan specializes in criminal defense cases.  He also represents people in contested restraining order hearings, restraining order violation hearings, probation hearings, and child support hearings.  Ethan also works with clients who are under investigation but have not been charged with any crime.  He works hard to ensure that these clients are not charged with any crime.