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All of our attorneys at Levi Merrithew Horst LLP share two things: extensive experience in criminal defense and a belief in the power of working together for our clients. Their different experiences and personal strengths are what make our firm truly strong. Our attorneys come from different areas of the country, different academic backgrounds, different life experiences, and have practiced in different sub-specialties of the law.


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Ethan Levi

Ethan Levi specializes in criminal defense. Find Out More »

Elizabeth Levi

Elizabeth's practice is focused on criminal, family, and juvenile law cases. Find Out More »

Jesse Merrithew

Jesse focuses on criminal defense and post-conviction relief. Find Out More »

Noah Horst

Noah focuses on criminal defense and has handled hundreds of cases including measure 11 and measure 57 crimes, felonies, misdemeanors, probation violations, restraining orders, and civil commitments. Find Out More »